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Guinea Pig Food List

Piggie Food List by CRL

I will be mum to two female baby guinea pigs by next week, and I’m pretty psyched up (and nervous)! As part of my preparations, I researched for nearly two weeks about their needs, and a big chunk of my time was taken by searching about their food. A lot of info was available, but most are only applicable to Western countries. Things like endive, dandelion, and raspberries are not readily available in our country, the Philippines, so I had to look up ‘exotic’ food, like malunggay (moringa), singkamas (jicama), and togue (mung bean sprouts), not to mention having to find the Filipino terms for them!
I decided to make this list so I (and other family members who wish to throw in treats for my future piggies) can easily see which food they can eat and how much. I’m sharing this so cavy owners will have a reference, too!
And so here it is, THE List! Most helpful to guinea pig owners living in the Philippines and in neighbouring countries. Ready-to-print, 8.5″ x 13″ size. Pin it up near your cavies’ cage or on your fridge for fast & easy reference!

DeviantArt link for high-quality download:

Information based on the ff. sites:

Guinea Pig Illustration by Meh-Anne of Deviantart.com.

PS. If there’s any corrections, kindly comment back so I can edit. Thank you!


Update April 21, 2014